Boost Your Bottom with a Brazilian Butt Lift

A popular procedure is the Brazilian Butt Lift. The Brazilian Butt Lift has several advantages over traditional cosmetic augmentations. The process uses healthy fat that gets extracted from other areas of your body that are redistributed to your buttocks. There is no risk of tissue rejection because the relocated cells are your own.

Why Choose Fat Transfer by Timeless Body Sculpting?

If you have unwanted fat in places like your stomach, hips, arms, or other areas, we transfer unwanted fat to areas where you want it. Timeless Body Sculpting Fat Transfer Butt Lifts are ideal for contouring and enhancing your physique. Since the treatment uses fat from one (or more) areas and transfers them to another area, it is a multi-pronged approach to shaping. Typically, Fat Transfer Butt Lifts take approximately an hour to finish. All fat that gets removed is purified before the transfer process, providing a safer and more predictable outcome.