Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Natural Breast Augmentation No Surgery, No Scalpels

Are you unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts? Do you have excess fat in areas where you would like to look slimmer? Have you been considering plastic surgery to enhance your breasts with fake implants? If ‘yes,’ consider Timeless Body Sculpting Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation first. Fat transfer is a safer, more natural way to go up a cup today.

Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Can Help:

The average woman is a 36B – a size that many women would like to be. If you’re not happy with your bra size, fat transfer breast augmentation might be worth exploring before heading down the road towards surgery. Using safe, natural liposuction methods, we remove excess fat from places where it doesn’t belong—and add volume and fullness to areas that feel lacking. Our patients love the results they get from our innovative procedures, which give them all of this without surgery.

How Does Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Work?  

Liposuction is an FDA-approved medical procedure for removing fat in stubborn areas such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. The fat we remove is filtered into a centrifuge where all blood cells and fluids are removed. We then isolate the patient’s own stem cells from this tissue to help your body heal quickly and efficiently. After isolation, we mix them with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) that helps reduce post-operative bruising & swelling for smoother recovery.* Then your physician will inject his or her own purified fat with your carefully selected stem cells back into your body at strategic locations—which helps you look more youthful naturally.

The Benefits of Natural Fat Transfer vs. Traditional Breast Augmentation Surgery:

Through natural breast augmentation, you can enjoy natural looking and feeling breasts without surgery. Here are some benefits:

Safety . Liposuction is a safe procedure that doesn’t involve cutting into your skin, so it comes with significantly less risk than traditional breast augmentation surgery.

No anesthesia . For many patients, fat transfer breast augmentation is performed entirely on an outpatient basis with no need for general anesthesia or sedation.

Natural results. Your own body creates new fat cells to replace the ones removed in liposuction. The result? A naturally full bustline—no fake breasts here!*

Proven effective by over 20 years of research & development at Harvard Medical School . This innovative treatment stems from research conducted by Drs David Eberly and Marc Rosenbaum at Harvard University. After testing their fat transplantation methods on mice, they were able to offer the same procedure to human patients for natural breast augmentation and reconstruction.*

Natural Breast Augmentation Procedure:

Before your surgery, you will meet with our doctor who will complete a physical examination of the area to be enhanced (and any other body areas that may require correction) plus an in-depth health assessment and blood work analysis. Our doctor will also spend time talking with you about your goals for natural breast augmentation, including what size you desire. Finally, we’ll discuss any questions or concerns you may have so that there are no surprises before the procedure begins. Once those details are finalized, Timeless Body Sculpting will create an customized treatment plan just for you.

Once the procedure is complete, all you need to do is relax in our comfortable recovery room until it’s time to go home and begin healing. Your physician will provide you with both post-operative care instructions and medications to reduce any swelling or bruising that may occur on your body during natural breast augmentation recovery.*