What is LipoSculpting?

LipoSculpting is an FDA approved procedure that combines the highly popularized cryolipolysis fat removal technology, with local anesthetic and radiofrequency energy to treat localized fat deposits on the body. The main difference between LipoScultping and traditional methods like liposuction is the ability to control precisely where each fraction of fat being removed will be deposited after treatment. This precision eliminates damage to areas of vital organs such as liver or kidneys which can occur during traditional liposuction procedures.

The procedure is fast, effective and affordable. It can give you the results that you want for your body in a matter of less than an hour. However, many people don’t understand how it works or know what to expect from the experience. Is all this talk about non-invasive liposuction too good to be true? How does this form of liposuction work on women? What are the benefits to LipoSculpting compared with other methods of getting rid of stubborn fat? Let’s look at those questions and more below:

How it Works

A relatively new technique, LipoSculpting uses solid microcannulas which carry an open-channel suction mechanism. This is the same concept behind liposuction, only without any of the incisions and certainly with less discomfort. The device works to break down fatty deposits in a matter of seconds.

The procedure itself takes only around 15 minutes, all-inclusive, which means that you’re out and about again within an hour. Unlike most other forms of fat reduction treatments, including laser assisted lipolysis and traditional liposuction methods, LipoSculpting is extremely affordable – a fraction of other comparable procedures.

In addition to being a cost-effective treatment option for men and women alike, it may also be covered under your medical insurance plan. So if you are looking for an effortless way to get rid of stubborn body fat which won’t derail your finances, this is the treatment for you.

What Can It Treat?

LipoSculpting can be used to treat localized areas of fat on any part of your body – belly, hips, thighs and even arms and butt. It is a great way to get rid of that pesky “muffin top” which never seems to go away with diet or exercise alone. For women, it provides an effective alternative to liposuction since there are no incisions or invasive techniques involved during the procedure.

The Procedure

LipoSculpting takes about 15 minutes per area being treated – so total treatment time varies depending upon what area(s) you would like to have treated. During the procedure, small cannulas are injected into the fatty tissue and the device gently pulls out stubborn fat cells while you watch on a large HD monitor. Afterwards, your doctor will go over how he or she plans to distribute your extracted fat – whether it be away from problem areas like bulging stomachs or towards your buns to lift them up.

While this may seem shocking at first, remember that liposuction works in a similar way: by redistributing fat after surgery. LipoSculpting is simply the next generation of non-invasive body contouring techniques designed for busy women who don’t have time to lose weight before their next big event!

What Can Happen Afterward?

Your body will still go through its normal post-treatment recovery period, so try to avoid any strenuous exercise or weight lifting for at least a few weeks. Keep up on your caffeine intake, as well as water consumption, for best results during the healing process. You may experience minor soreness and swelling of the treated area(s), but typically this is alleviated with over the counter painkillers and anti-inflammatories. You should start noticing lost inches almost immediately after treatment!

The Procedure’s Safety & Efficiency – How Does it Compare to Other Options?

Unlike other forms of lipo treatments such as laser assisted lipolysis (LA) and traditional liposuction, LipoSculpting uses energy sources which are proven to be safe and well-understood. Rather than using laser beams to break up fat, the device uses a vacuum-based energy source which is completely non-invasive and even safer than most chiropractic treatments!

In fact, the FDA has approved LipoSculpting as being safe for general use in cosmetic procedures. It’s also more effective at breaking down stubborn body fat than other options like LA, traditional liposuction or even Coolsculpting (another new technology for removing unwanted fat). In addition to being safer and more effective, LipoSculpting is also much more affordable – since there is no need for incisions during the procedure. This makes it ideal for women of all ages who may be looking to get rid of unsightly “muffin top” without drastically altering their lifestyle.

The Results

In addition to being a relatively painless procedure, LipoSculpting boasts impressive results for both men and women alike. It can help you lose inches from anywhere on your body in only one treatment – but like all forms of liposuction, it takes several treatments before noticeable results are attained. We recommend scheduling four or five treatments at two-week intervals for the best possible outcome!