Natural augmentation with no implants or scalpels. Natural fat transfer by Timeless Body Sculpting Centers is a revolutionary way to regain your body.

Timeless Body Sculpting Centers natural fat transfer procedure was developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Salzberg, who is well known for his expertise in liposuction surgery and fat cell transplantation as well as his general plastic surgery expertise. This revolutionary procedure has been extensively researched and developed over a period of many years. Dr. Salzberg continues to conduct research and refine his technique so that clients get the best experience possible.

If you have your heart set on breast enlargement but, for whatever reason, are leery of traditional implants (such as fear of an infection or something going wrong), then natural fat transfer may be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Natural fat transfer is a breast enlargement procedure that uses your own natural body fat to expand and round out the breasts. Even if you’ve always been on the smaller side, or you are looking for volume loss after losing weight, Timeless Body Sculpting Centers have an awesome procedure for you!

Natural fat transfer is completely devoid of risks and has no adverse effects. The results of natural fat transfer are permanent. They will not go away with time or additional weight loss.

So how does it work? In this day and age, people tend to lose their body fat because they want to lose excess pounds rather than because they want the figure of a model. Unfortunately, when this happens, women can end up with less chest tissue than they’d like. Through fat transfer, you can regain volume and have a size and shape that is even better than before!

Natural fat transfer is different from traditional breast enlargement because it doesn’t require incisions or scalpels. Instead, the procedure uses only your body’s own fat to enlarge or augment the breasts. The surgeon sucks out naturally occurring fat cells through a small tube (usually about 3-4 millimeters in diameter). The microcannula (or “fat sucker”) acts as a vacuum, extracting fat from places such as the stomach, hips, backside, thighs…anywhere that has excess lipids. Once extracted, this natural tissue is injected into the desired region – in this case, the chest area specifically designed to improve the breast size, volume and contour, especially for women with smaller chests.

At Timeless Body Sculpting Centers, we use only natural body fat from a donor site to enhance or augment breasts which are too small so that patients can have a more appealing shape than what they have now. Natural fat transfer is ideal for post weight loss patients who’ve lost both fat and fullness in their chest area as well as those who want to make subtle advancements in their breast size without going under the knife. Although our procedure doesn’t require surgery , we do recommend having the procedures done at the same time. This way you have one recovery period instead of two!