Timeless Body Sculpting now offers Renuvion, the new generation of cellulite reduction treatments. Renuvion is a deep massage and thermal treatment that provides extra energy to the cells of your skin, stimulating them in such a way that they automatically mobilize fat resources to be used as fuel, therefore helping you achieve slimmer and smoother looking thighs with lasting results.

Introducing: The most effective anti-cellulite treatment of today.

What Is Renuvion?

Renuvion is a cellulite reduction treatment that utilizes the concept of intensive massage to lift and tone the skin, improve deep circulation and reduce fat deposits. It has been clinically proven to help: Decrease your measurements by 3-4 centimeters after one session and up to 5-6 after 6 sessions; Reduce stubborn cellulite areas like inner thigh by up to 70%; Diminish the appearance of cellulite dimples by up to 42%.

How Does Renuvion Work?

Renuvion’s innovative, cutting-edge technology delivers electromagnetic energy to the skin. In simple terms, this thermal energy produced by the machine combines ions in your skin and converts them into oxygen radicals which helps eliminate toxins stored in the depths of your tissue.

This process promotes blood circulation to these areas promoting removal of toxic substances from cellulite accumulations (subcutaneous fat), resulting in smoother skin and reducing body circumference.

How Is Renuvion Different?

Renuvion is clinically proven as safe, natural* and non-invasive. It uses no creams or chemicals that can be irritating to sensitive skin like normal exfoliation techniques using products such as AHA/BHA acids, scrubbing salt scrubs or those based on microdermabrasion. It also utilizes different frequencies and cutting edge technology than the competitors, a combination that has been proven to be safe and effective*.

What To Expect From Your First Session?

During Treatment: The Renuvion system uses specific electromagnetic energy applied through 3 metal rollers which are rolled over the skin for approximately 15 minutes. You will feel heat from the treatment itself, but it is not uncomfortable and you can comfortably move around with no negative side effects or long term damage. The roller used has a sealant (similar to silicone) so there is no need to use any type of lotion or cream prior to the treatment. Afterward: You may look flushed for 5-10 minutes after your; session as your blood circulation to the area increases. You can wear loose clothing or light workout clothes after a session.